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$69 per month.

Unlimited covers every month. No other fee.
Website, Mobile website and Email Marketing included.
Free menu management - create and update menus.
Sell unlimited physical & electronic gift cards online.
Use your PC,Tablet or any simple mobile phone to access reservations.
Additional @ per cover price.
First 1 month is Free.
No Monthly Fee. No Cover free.
No Monthly fee. No Other fee. Free for life!.
Table Management. 24x7 online reservations including mobile users.
Sell unlimited plastic gift cards and electronic gift cards online.
Website, Mobile website and Email Marketing included.
Free menu management - create and update unlimited menus.
Use your PC,Tablet or any simple mobile phone to manage reservations. No need of expensive smart phones.
First 1 month is Free.
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With email Marketing and specials and offers promotion features, Restaurantry helps boost your revenue by increasing diners. You have it life time free. Accept reservations 24x7 including from mobile devices.Say good bye to the provider that you have been paying every month. Restaurantry is world's largest free online software provider for restaurants.

What is online restaurant reservation software?

The software simply eliminates pen and paper and the resulting table booking mistakes and problems by computerizing table inventory management and providing online tools for your diners to book a table that will be confirmed instantly based on the availability of tables defined by the restaurant with out the need for manual human intervention. Diners would then have 24x7 comfort to reserve a seat in your restaurant from their personal computers, mobile phones or tablets. The system takes care of all notifications to the restaurant and diner including cancellations allowing the owner to focus on business growth.

Advanced reservation user interface with integrated special offer booking

Visually appealing interface to grab guest attention and significantly increase conversion rates. Your specials are animated with "wipe" effect with your color theme displaying offers one after the other. User can click and select a specific offer from the list displayed. The flashing display area adds to the visual element to your diners increasing the chances of a booking. Restaurantry is the only software that provides animated specials. Moreover your guest need not input contact information every time - the system will remember this info first time and automatically populate all the contact details in subsequent visits. With sophisticated time buttons and one click theme customization, we make your interface most appealing. Confirmation emails are sent to both restaurant and guest once confirm button is clicked with all details. You may also see the live demo of the widet. Please see demo images below:

restaurant reservation widget restaurant reservation system table booking software
Excellent graphical interface of Restaurantry's Reservation widget.

We help fill tables during quieter times

Yes we do. One of the key features of the widget is that we integrate your specials and offers in the booking tool. You offer a special to your guests during slow days or at early hours of lunch or dinner even on busy days. We provide powerful offer management capabilitites to create and control your specials. There by you normalize your traffic and optimize your revenue with a steady flow of guests. The fact that specials are integrated with table booking in Restaurantry's widget significantly increases likelihood of a reservation.

Electronic Reservation Book

Our ERB makes tracking and managaing your reservations a breeze. We replace your pen and paper with electronic storage of all your bookings. You can quickly see the summary of bookings during any month or search for reservations during a specified period. Simply click on a date in the calendar to see all bookings. Change status of a booking with just one click. Assign table number to guests with one click. Filter confirmed and cancelled reservations. Cancel a booking, make new booking or view monthly summary in calendar layout. Control availability by stopping or resuming reservations on any date for any session and seating area. Check available tables. Use iPad / laptop or desktop computer as your host stand.

Electronic Reservation Book
Manage reservations with a iPad

Mobile Access of restaurant reservations

You do not need to invest in expensive smartphones like iPhone or devices like iPad to access and manage your reservations daily. You can also use your existing cell phone. Restaurantry provides support for multiple seating areas like main room,patio etc where you can set table availability at each seating area. Instantly see all bookings for any date selected. Moreover you can search feature makes pulling any specific booking simple. Access your reservations from any cell phone, from any where. Mobile support makes our Restaurant reservation software attractive to many restauranteurs.

Mobile reservations

Integrated restaurant e-mail marketing software

Restauranty has world's most sophisticated e-mail marketing software built in specifically designed for restaurants. Every new guest booking a table adds a customer to your guest database. All customers who opt-in by not de-selecting "E-mail me special offers" are your marketable customers. Month by month, this list is likely grow giving significant scope for e-mail marketing. Market any thing including special offers, birthday offers, anniversary offers, coupons, discounts, special menus etc.

Market your specials to your opt-in email lists. Use existing templates or create your own templates. Schedule e-mail marketing campaigns to be sent on a date of your choice. Restaurantry has options to send targeted e-mails to a specific segment of customers. For example schedule a campaign to be sent for your top n customers by reservations, new customers created in the last n months etc. When we say it is world's most advanced, we simply mean it. Just schedule marketing campaigns with click of a button and see the reservations flowly in.

color chart
Target specific customers with advanced inbuilt subscription lists.

Guest management

Reservation by each new diner automatically creates a customer. Build your guest database over period of days. Export all your guest data to excel spreadsheet. See reservations total and cancellations total for each customer. Update VIP flag. Note birthday and anniversary. View and update notes regarding allergies, spending habits etc. View booking history of guests to see the past and upcoming reservations. Your guests remain your own property. We do not share each restaurant's guest information with any body else. To be

Specials and Offers management

Create unlimited specials and offers. We provide platform to manage your specials month after month and year after year. We help analyze performance of your offers by seeing which offers are converting best over a period of time. Restaurantry's business intelligence feature only helps in boosting your sales. Experience 360 degree control of your offers.

Restaurant Reservations from Facebook

Accept reservations from social media sites like Facebook. Facebook booking feature help your fans, followers and new guests to instantly book a table with out having to look for your web site and sebsequent reservation page link. The convenience is more likely converting to a booking compared to other sources. We understand your social media efforts to win fans and traffic. We help your fans and friends to make a reservation directly from facebook. We dont leave a single opportunity where a table can be filled. To accept resevations from facebook ,see How to embed Restaurant reservation widget in facebook

Reservations from mobile phones

reservations from mobile phones Your customers can make reservations from thousands of smart phones including iPhone, Android phones. Do not lose on the go customers in this mobile age. The percentage of people using mobile phones for online activities is growing rapidly. Be mobile compatible with our sophisticated software. Please check details regarding our free mobile website.

Other features of our Restaurant Reservation Software

Multiple seating areas

Certain restaurants have main dining room in the ground floor and other rooms in top floors or in other seating areas. Restaurantry supports multiple seating areas. You can specify table plan for each seating area separately - so bookings are made separately for each area. Also special offers can be applied to any one or a combination of seating areas.

Multiple Seating Areas
A screenshot of Restaurantry reservation widget with multiple seating areas for demo purpose.

Restaurant Chain support

We provide chain restaurant support. You can manage multiple restaurants in our system. Simply select a location you want to login to on the welcome screen and work with a specific location.

Integrated bookable specials and offers

One of the important features of Restaurantry's reservation software is bookable specials and offers. When a table is booked, the guest can choose a special offer. You can configure what days (Monday-Sunday) and dates(starting from which date and until which date) these specials are available, to which seating area, any limit per session etc. Possess total control of your specials. You can also promote the same with our e-mail marketing platform.

Customizable to meet your resevation policy

To meet the reservation policies of any restaurants, advanced configuration options are available including:
  • Time until which same day reservations can be accepted. For example, bookings not accepted after 4PM for the same day.
  • Configure number of days in advance bookings must be made.
  • Configure upto how many days in advance reservations can be made.
  • Specify a start date from which reservations begin
  • Temporarily stop accepting reservation for the restaurant all together.
  • Close reservations for a specific date, session and seating area.
  • Specify maximum and minimum party size for each seating area.

Integrated Birth day and Anniversary data collection

Restaurantry's reservation widget has fields to collect birthday & anniversay month and day while booking the table. Guests are more likely provide this information during booking so as to receive special coupon / discount for his/her special occassion. Restaurantry's e-mail marketing can send a campaign to customers with birthday / anniversary in a specified month. For example, send a coupon to all guests whose birthday falls in November of current year.

Birthday and Anniversary capture
Guest can specify Birthday and Anniversary during reservation.

Monthly Calendar view

Get a snapshot of monthly reservation totals for each session.

Control your availability

Stop Reservations on any specific date and then resume for the same date later when required.

Advanced Table Mangament

Optimized reservations to fill the lowest capacity tables first. Specify number of tables available of each capacity (2 seater, 4 seater etc.) that are available for reservation from the reservation widget. Specify tables that can be reserved by day and by session to avoid overbookings. No need to offer same number of bookable tables for lunch/dinner or from Monday-Sunday.

Add Telephone Reservations

You can add reservation yourself with out needing to specify guest's e-mail address.

One click widget color customization to match your web site theme

Simply pick a color from our color selection tool to match your website theme. Your reservation widget will automatically change to that color theme. We take of multiple variations of the selected color to fill various areas of the widget.

color chart red color band
Change the color theme by picking a color.

No need to leave your web site - reservation made directly from your web site.

Our reservation widget embeds with in your website. No re-direct to a third party brand required.

Free website

Fully hosted website is free with every account. Enjoy free and advanced content management system to provide updated website content at all times.

Free mobile website

Enjoy fully customizable free mobile website with logo.
free mobile website

Free menu management

Create unlimited food and wine menus and change prices when needed.

If you have any questions regarding our restaurant reservation software, please contact us or create a free account. We hope you will benefit from the free software Restaurantry provides.