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Free Restaurant website (US & UK)

Website with complete content management system is free regardless of your subscription to our other services like reservation software, e-gift card software or marketing software. No credit card required. It is totally free. Worldwide phone and e-mail support is provided in India, USA, UK

Unlike a static web site where you cannot update content or add pages for your site, Restaurantry website provides world's only free content management system for restaurants where in you can add unlimited pages to your website and instantly change the content of any page with just a click of a button. You no longer need to search for web developers everytime you want to update something.

Website designed specifically for Restaurant industry:

You might have seen other paid website builder software companies where you can create a website and probably edit the content. What distinguishes our software is in terms of its nativity and exclusive design for restaurant industry. Some of the integration features that help you to present a professional website to your customers include:
  • Advanced menu management. Menu management at your finger tips. All your food or drinks menus will be automatically added as sub-menus to the menu link in the top navigation bar.
  • Social media facebook/twitter links are integrated to show on the top of all pages.
  • Automatic google maps integration with driving directions. Visitor can input starting address and see the driving directions right in your website with out needing to redirect to google. Likewise update commute information on how to arrive and also parking information so your guests would not face problems during commute or parking.
  • Integrated gift-card software so you can sell physical and e-gift cards.
  • Advanced flash slide show on the home page where you can upload your own images and change images at anytime.
  • Advanded photo gallery to showcase your restaurant infrastructure,pictures and seating. Ability to change gallery pictures anytime.
  • Integrating special offers
  • Inbuilt contact form.
  • Ability to add unimited pages to both top navigation bar and bottom footer navigation
  • Integrated reservations page with booking widget in your website with out needing to open a new window. Not re-directing to a different thirdparty site significantly improves visitor' s chance of making a booking.
  • Edit your reservation policy related content that is displayed on this reservations page.
free restaurant website
A demo restaurant website with header navigation

Following pages are created by default for your website.You may delete pages not relevant to your restaurant or add new and unlimited pages.

  • Menu - Lunch, Dinner, Brunch and Breakfast that you offer are automatically displayed as submenu items
  • Specials
  • Events - Promote your events
  • Reservations - Reservation widget automatically displayed. Update content specific to reservations page.
  • Gift Cards - Sell plastic gift cards and electronic gift cards
  • Directions - Display google maps. Create and edit content including drivings directions or any thing else you will like to display on this page.
  • Hours - Specify hours. Change hours as and when needed.
  • Gallery - Interactive Photo gallery to showcase your restaurant and banquet pictures.
  • Catering
  • Private Dining
  • Video - Display your Youtube videos.
  • Press - create press releases.
  • Locations - specify addresses of your locations.
  • Contact - In built contact form. You get a email when a visitor submits the contact form.

Website Features

Free hosting

You do not need to pay monthly hosting charges. Your website is hosted for free in our servers.

Use your own domain

You can use your domain name like myowndomainname.com. Please contact us for any questions.

Manage all your menus

Create unlimited menus. Add unlimited items under each menu. Delete items which you no longer offer and change the prices of items. Possess total control of your menu. This will not be possible with out our inbuilt menu management feature.

restaurant website menu
Add unlimited menu items and change prices instantly

Manage Happy Hour

Create and easily update your happy hour page at any time instantly. Simply edit menu(drinks / food), images, pricing info and schedules to see changes instantly on the website. Upload one or more attractive pictures of your dishes or flyers in this page to grab diners' attention.

Manage Specials and Promotions

Specials are a great traffic puller for your restaurant. You put a lot of strategic effort to design your weekly specials. It is very much essential that your guests know complete details of your specials,events and promotions. Your website must present complete information about your offers. Your guests would not wish to call you to know about your specials during any period. They would instead want to get the details including specific days you have specials so the guest can reiew and decide which is the most appealing offer to be able to make a visit. Restaurantry website includes advanced special offer and promotion management software. User interface captures offer details including title, description and start and end dates. Offers that expire will automatically not appear in this page. A special offer can be applied to one or more seating areas viz., main dining room, upstairs and one or more dining sessions viz, lunch, dinner,brunch. Specify special offer timings Monday through Sunday or as per your working days across dining sessions.

restaurant specials and offers management
Specials and offers are managed and automatically listed. Manage content on the page.

Manage Events

By default you will have a blank Events page. Add and update events yourself. Upload attractive photoes.

Update Media / News / Press page

If you have links to news articles about your restauant, you can include these links on this page.

Advanced navigation menus & sub-menus:

You do not need to place all your pages one after the other which consume the whole width of the screen and do not look professional. You can group similar category pages under a parent page so the sub-menus automaticaal appear under a parent page.

Advanced one-click theme customization:

Change your website color theme with just a single click by selecting a color from the advanced color selection tool. Your website instantly changes to the selected color theme. Likewise upload a background image of your choice and change as often as you need based on the season.

Photo Gallery

Display your private party / banquet rooms in a interactive photo gallery. Display title and description for each picture so the users know complete details pertaining to a room.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

No matter how nice looking your web site is, if your pages are not found in the first page of Google's search results, you are not reachable to guests online. Restaurantry website includes SEO with sophisticated URL re-rewriting and by providing features to configure title, meta tags and search engine friendly description for each page. Every page will have a memorable and user friendly name and indexed by all major search engines to increase your online visibility.

Unlimited pages

You are not restricted to only specific pages. Create new and unlimited pages that are relevant to your restaurant and update as and when necessary. Pages can be added to top header navigation or bottom footer.

Please proceed to your free website by creating your free account here. If you already have a website, you may still continue and try our website with content management. You will initially get a testing url and access to cms so you can try creating pages and menus. Once you are satisfied with testing environment, you choose to go live. If you are not satisfied, you may continue to use your existing website.